240g / 8.5 oz - Shredded vegetable suet for fluffy dumplings, pastries, puddings & pies. 
Birds Custard Powder
300g drum of Birds Custard Powder
Birds Instant Custard
Birds Instant Custard sachet. 75g, just add boiling water.
Co-op Mixed Peel
200g/7oz - Sugared orange and lemon peel, a must for xmas cakes & xmas pudds.
Lyle’s Golden Syrup Tin
454g/1lb - The famous Tate and Lyles golden syrup great for putting on your toast or baking with.
Paxo Sage & Onion
170g/6.1oz - 8-10 servings of stuffing.
Robertson’s Minced Meat
411g/14.2oz - Quality mince meat for use in mince pies, tarts etc.
Tate & Lyle Caster Sugar
500g/1 lb Fine sugar for baking
Tate & Lyle White Sugar Cubes
500g/1 l1b 1oz - White sugar cubes from pure cane sugar.