Biscuits & Crackers

Biscuits & Crackers
McVities Hobnobs Milk Chocolate
300g / 10.5oz - The original nobby biscuit with a layer of milk chocolate.
McVities Hobnobs Original
300g / 10.5oz - The classic nobbly oatmeal biscuit - as the saying goes: "One nibble and your nobbled."
McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives
300g / 10.5oz - Britain's most popular chocolate biscuit, the original digestive with a layer of milk chocolate.
McVities Original Digestives
400g / 14oz - The original digestive perfect for dunking in your tea, digestives have a great wheatgerm taste that...
6 Teapot shaped shoppe-baked shortbread.
Walkers Fingers Shortbread
5.3oz - Traditional Scottish shortbread
Walkers Highland Oatcakes
300g/12.4 oz -  The iconic highland cracker, packed with the finest oats and baked just right. 
Walkers Highlanders Shortbread
8.8oz - All butter shortbread in the tradional Highland shape.
Walkers Petticoat Tails
150g / 5.3oz - A traditional shape of shortbread, one big round of shortbread cut into slices.