Sweets - Boxes/Tins of Chocolate

Sweets - Boxes/Tins of Chocolate
All your favourite collections of British Chocolate.
Cadbury Milk Tray
360g - A box of chocolates with assorted centres.
Cadbury Roses Carton
290g- An assortment of Cadbury chocolates with nuts, caramel and creams in a carton. 
Cadbury Roses Tub
660g / 24oz - Imported Cadbury Roses in a reusable tub.
Nestle After Eight Mints
300g / 11oz - The world famous after dinner mint - thin plain (dark) chocolate mint wafer.
Nestle Black Magic
348g - Box of plain (dark) chocolates, with assorted centres.
Nestle Quality Street Carton
220g - All your favourites in a carton.
Nestle Quality Street Jar
600g - Assorted chocolates, toffees & caramels.
Nestle Quality Street Tin
240g / 8.4oz - All your favourite Quality Street - Cremes, toffees, fudges, coconut - you name it, it's in...
Sultans Milk Chocolate Covered Turkish Delight
200g / 7.1oz - Delicate rose flavored sweet, surrounded by milk chocolate.