About Us

Welcome, we are a British owned Food & Gift shop specializing in goods from the British and Emerald Isles, based in San Diego, CA. We also have a Tearoom on our patio and an English Bakery. For our out of town customers, browse and shop from our website.

Reservations are required for all afternoon tea bookings with 24 hours notice please. For our cream tea customers, we can take reservations on the day only.


Owner, Selina Stockley,

My name is Selina and I hail from Surrey in England.  In 1992 I decided to spread my wings and move to the United States.  I placed a knitting needle in a map and it landed in Point Loma, San Diego.  I have an amazing little boy named Alfie

The owners of the pub next door had decided to open a British shop and I so loved retail, as it runs in my family’s blood, that I asked if I could manage it.  This is where I give a shout out to my Dad, Brian who owned many retail shops throughout his career and installed a love for this kind of business in me. Love you, Dad! You taught me well and I miss you every day. 

This is how Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe evolved.  I ran the shop for them for 5 years as if it was my own, so when they decided they wanted to sell with some wheeling and dealing the shoppe became mine.    

Since owning the shop I have concentrated on expanding our bakery and catering section, using my beloved Grandmother Lucy’s recipes that she had been using all her life.  

It is a love for baking that I have, that came from her patiently teaching me how to cook her apple pies and pasties every Sunday.  

Sadly, I lost my Grandma in 2012, but she saw her legacy, through her Granddaughter, come to life with our shoppe.

Today we have a thriving business, seeing to our Tearoom, bakery, catering and shoppe, and serving all those who love everything British, from expats, 2nd generation.  As we grow we are branching out into more Gluten Free and Vegan items to keep all our guests happy.

Our website has been an ongoing project helping us serve our customers across the United States and we welcome all our new and old customers to the delights of Great Britain.  


I have a son named Alfie, as he grows up he is showing an avid interest in baking and I am handing down Grandmas knowledge.  In the years to come you will see Alfie helping out keeping our dream alive.  Our goal is for you to visit our shoppe and feel like you have just been transported back to an English village shop, invoking memories, maybe making you home sick or just showing how we do things across the pond.
Selina & Alfie